Golfing Tours

Kenya has a number of beautifully scenic golf courses at various altitudes from Sea Level right up to the nine-hole Molo course at 2740m(8989ft). Windsor Golf and Country club is one of the attractions. The most recent is the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort in Naivasha which apart from golf also offer a variety of activities for adventurous guests, including Game and Bird walks with our resident guides, Fishing and Boating on Lake Naivasha. The oldest is the Royal Nairobi Golf Club. The "Royal" title was bestowed on the Nairobi Golf Club in 1935 by King George V. Other golf courses include the Muthaiga and Karen Golf Clubs each with championship courses.


Incentive Tours

Another area of our expertise has always been our custom made and special interest tours and safaris. Our staff has a wide knowledge in this area of operation and is always ready to plan and adapt an itinerary to suit your interest. We have been creating unique special interest tours for institutions sponsoring programs in wildlife, sports, archeology as well as study groups. You will be in the hands of experienced people in the safari business.


Flying Safari

For the ultimate in convenience, a comprehensive network of internally Scheduled Air services and Private Chartered Air Services are available in Kenya , Tanzania and Uganda between major towns, national parks and reserves.

We offer air package safaris for those who have only a short time to spend on their East-African safari. We can arrange a flying safari for one or two nights directly to Amboseli, Masai Mara, Lewa Downs and Samburu in Kenya and Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Regular scheduled flights depart Nairobi for Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu, Zanzibar and other destinations in Eastern Africa. Our flying safaris offer the best accommodation at all the leading hotels and lodges.


Camping Safari

The Camping Safari is without doubt a unique and intimate way to experience Africa. We offer two types of Camping Safaris.

Participatory Camping

Members expect to assist with the camp chores, which may include the preparation of meals. Participation in all camp activities generally characterizes our adventure camping. There is generally one guide and an assistant that accompany you throughout the duration of the trip. Accommodation is in campsites with shared facilities. Tekko Tours ensures that these camping trips are fun and adventurous by setting the right expectation during our safaris.

Private Luxury Camping

These Camping Safaris are luxurious. On a luxury Camping Trip, we provide you with comfortable camps set out away from the normal public campsites. The friendly camp staff will make you feel right at home. Meals in the camp are of the highest standards.Every desire is catered for and no luxury is overlooked. This safari will remind you of the stories you have probably heard of Africa in the nineteenth century.

Escorted/ Guided Tours

We offer an unrivalled choice of quality escorted tour packages packed with exciting daily sightseeing highlights and features.

Our tours are designed to make the best use of your vacation time and we strike a careful balance between organized sightseeing and other exciting highlights allowing plenty of time for our tour directors and guides to educate you about East Africa. In addition to giving introductory briefings upon arrival, our tour directors and guides provide information relevant to your immediate location throughout the course of the safari.

They are ever ready to answer questions, give explanations, and teach you a little African History and Folklore as you go along. A great deal of care and effort goes into the selection of our tour guides as we would like you to travel in the company of true friends. Our groups are kept small, and we use Luxury minibuses and 4 wheel drive Land Cruisers for our safaris.

Mountain Climbing

We offer the opportunity to climb Africa's two highest mountains which we can arrange separately or combine with any other of our tours to create a unique and unforgettable holiday for you.

At 5896m ( Mount Kilimanjaro) or 5199m ( Mount Kenya), no technical climbing is involved and the only requirement is that one be in good physical shape. Both mountains are becoming increasingly popular with mountaineers from all over the world. Mount Kilimanjaro being the highest free standing mountain in the world presents a popular challenge to all experienced and first time climbers.

Mount Kenya

There are two main peaks; Batian and Nelion, both of which require a certain degree of proficiency to reach. Lenana peak, the third-highest, is suitable for climbers with l ittle experience. There are four main routes to the peaks, Naro Moru, Sirimon and the Timau tracks on the mountains' Western slopes and Chogoria route on the Eastern Slopes. Vegetation varies from dense bamboo forest to gnarled Hagenia trees.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Two main routes are used to reach the peaks. The Marangu Route is the most often climbed and you will meet parties of climbers in each direction. Accommodation is in huts, with shared facilities controlled by the National Parks Authorities. The Machame Route regarded as the most beautiful but is less often used as it is much harder to climb. We will arrange your climb making sure that hut fees, the rescue fee, services of guides, porters etc are taken care of to make your climb a memorable one.

Balloon Safari

A popular event and experience for visitors to Maasai Mara and the Serengeti Plain is the hot air balloon. The World’s first Scheduled passenger service by balloon was launched in 1976 in Maasai Mara. We in Tekko Tours offer this experience on our premier safari departures to Maasai Mara and the Serengeti. Your Adventure begins when you set off on a game viewing adventure with an entirely different perspective. You will be amazed by the silence as you float over the plains. Balloon Safari is most stunning during the months between July and October when the Savanna teems with animals during the Great Migration. Each year, up to 1.5 million wildebeest (or white-bearded gnu),250,000 Burchell's zebra and half-a-million Thomson's gazelle trek through the Serengeti-Mara complex along a cyclic march that covers annually some 1,800 miles.

Balloon Safari Program
05:30 a.m. Wake-up call
06:00 a.m. Cup of coffee or tea at Lodge/Camp lounge
06:15 a.m. Drive to launch site
06:30 a.m. Lift off for approximately one hour flight. On landing a delicious champagne style picnic breakfast is served in the bush. Flight certificates will be issued by your Captain. Drive back to the Lodge/Camp by 09:00 a.m.

Photographic Tours

We organize both Video and Still Photo Safaris for both amateur and Professional Photographers, individually or in groups. We prepare all the necessary licenses for the professional filming Crew and ensure that all the permits are ready by the time safari begins. This covers general wildlife photography, bird photography, Cultural and Environmental themes.

Educational Tours

Tekko Tours offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity to study in Kenya in the summer between the months of June and August every year. This program aims at preparing culturally-sensitive and diverse-thinking individuals from various academic and cultural backgrounds who are committed to experiential cross-cultural learning.

The Study Programs focus on the following main areas:-

Urbanization and change -This takes students to Nairobi, capital city of Kenya where they will examine developmental and environmental issues that are both experienced and caused by the urban space. Students will meet and discuss with a selection of Nairobians their understanding and interpretation of the impact globalization has to them and their city. An urban home stay component will be used to integrate these discussions and interpretations into practical knowledge.

Traditional Societies in Transition -This will take students to Western Kenya to the land of the Luo of South Nyanza who have traditionally subsisted on fishing and small scale farming. Students will be placed in individual home stays where they will begin to explore issues of tradition vs. modernity, change and continuity in socio-economic practices, and community vs. state in a capitalist state.

Wildlife Conservation and Ecology –This will allow students to experience first-hand the wonders of Kenya’s renowned wildlife heritage in the Maasai Mara while exploring the complex challenges faced by the traditional Maasai communities living in wildlife protected areas. Students will be encouraged to discuss with their hosts the intricate relationship that exists between a traditional society that has managed to fend off the beckoning of westernization and a state machinery that seeks to embrace westernization at all costs.

Islam and Tourism in Mombasa -in this final part of the program students will have an opportunity to live and interact with an urban Muslim community in Mombasa-the Swahili. Students will examine the critical role tourism plays in the economy and lives of Swahili people of Mombasa. They will learn about the challenges of balancing tourism, conservation in Old Town, and the fragile local Muslim culture.

Gorilla Tracking

The Mountain Gorilla is an endangered species living in the remote and ancient forests south west of Uganda - in Bwindi and Mgahinga, and also in the forests of Rwanda. Bwindi is of course best known for its primates – gorillas and chimpanzees, which live in this forest region. You’ll find the region’s stunning natural beauty breathtaking and its warm, friendly people quite welcoming.

Gorilla trekking is strenuous exercise. Trekkers should be physically fit. Protective hand gear and sturdy boots are a must. Age limit for trekking is 15years. Our itineraries are varied and can be extended or changed to suit individual clients. For conservation reasons, access to the Gorillas is carefully controlled. Travelers wishing to see the Gorillas need to book in advance in order to arrange for permits.

Camel Safaris

We organize camel safaris for those clients who want to see and experience the real Africa. A six-day five-night safari through the wild and beautiful Northern frontier of Kenya is an adventure in the true spirit of pioneering. The pace is leisurely, riding or walking in the morning before the sun gets hot. Picnic lunch is served then it's time to relax and watch game in their natural habitat later in the afternoon. Many different species of wildlife can be seen. At the end of the day there is a welcome shower followed by dinner around a campfire.

Accommodation at base camp is under canvas while on safari, beds are provided under the stars. No riding skill is required as the camel handlers who also act as guides lead the camels. A certain degree of physical fitness is needed, as the Safari requires a certain amount of Walking. This Safari can start from Nairobi combining a normal camping safari or lodge safari with Camel Safari to make a longer Safari. On a camel one is more in tune with the wild, blending into the surrounding eco-system in a natural way and allowing for an unequaled opportunity of seeing wild animals quite close.

Bird Watching

We are committed to helping all our clients try and break the various world records held in the number of birds seen in a day or 48-hr period. Our Itineraries will take you to the birding hot spots of Kakamega Forest, Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria-feeding grounds for up to half the world’s population of the lesser flamingo. Lake Naivasha, Mount Kenya, and Lake Nakuru are famous for the pink Flamingo while Arabuko Sokoke Forest conceals the world’s rarest owl the “Sokoke Scopes Owl.” The grasslands in the higher farming areas shelter Sharpe’s Long claw, a bird found nowhere else in the world. Kenya has 1075 bird species, and holds the world record for the largest number of birds seen in a 24-hr period. Kenya’s numerous bird species are attracting an increasing number of ornithologists and bird watchers.

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