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Situated in the fertile heart of Africa, Uganda boasts a wide and diverse landscape, from rugged snowcapped mountains to the vast flatlands stretching out to the horizon. It is roughly the size of Great Britain or the State of Oregon in the USA. Uganda’s most alluring features are its forests, lakes and mountains. Most of the country is 1000m above sea level and there are three mountainous areas - the fabled Mountains of the Moon - the Ruwenzoris; Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano with the worlds largest caldera; and the spectacular Virunga Volcanoes.

A wide variety of animals can be seen in the game parks including elephant, buffalo, lion, zebra, hippo, warthog, forest hog, hyena, giraffe and different antelope species. Primates, especially the mountain gorilla and chimpanzee, are a special attraction, together with over a thousand species of birds and a diverse flora and fauna.

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